Mary McDowell Friends School is a K-12 college preparatory program dedicated to the success of students with learning disabilities. Grounded in the Quaker values of equality, integrity, and social responsibility, we cultivate a diverse community in which each student can reach his or her full potential. Our specialized teaching methodologies and challenging curricula empower students to become academic achievers, creative thinkers, and contributing members of a global society.


Values Circlev 2.3


Learning: Students with learning disabilities can learn and thrive within a supportive environment coupled with a challenging curriculum, preparing students for college and life.

Quaker Values:  MMFS is guided by the Quaker testimonies of service, peace, integrity, community, equality and simplicity.

Diversity:  MMFS strives to be an inclusive, diverse community of educators, staff, students and families.

Excellence:  MMFS pursues excellence at every level.



Guiding Principles

  • Students with learning disabilities are intelligent.
  • Learning disabilities are one aspect of a person, not the defining characteristic.
  • Special education is quality education.
  • Learning goes beyond mastery of content and skills; it includes creative thinking, questioning, discovery and further research to formulate well thought out opinions and perspectives on the world.
  • MMFS is at the forefront of LD education.
  • MMFS faculty and staff are experts in their fields.
  • MMFS offers a comprehensive educational program that includes academics, arts, athletics, travel, and social responsibility.
  • MMFS’s curriculum is based on well researched and proven methodologies.
  • MMFS’s differentiated approaches to learning address each student’s learning style, strengths and struggles.
  • MMFS teaches students to understand their learning needs so that they can advocate for themselves.
  • MMFS students who are ready for mainstream schools will be transitioned to mainstream schools.
  • The MMFS community embraces each individual while fostering cooperation and collaboration amongst students, families, staff, and educators.
  • The Quaker testimonies provide an essential foundation for all MMFS does.