Financial Aid

At MMFS, we believe that financial means should not prevent students from receiving the highest quality education possible – especially children with learning disabilities, for whom the appropriate options for high-quality educational opportunities are frequently unavailable. MMFS strives to award financial aid to as many of our students as possible, using a needs-based assessment without regard to race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Not only does tuition assistance provide us with the means to enroll students demonstrating financial need, it enables us to fulfill our commitment to being a community of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that a diverse community is a benefit to all students.

All financial aid applications for the 2018-19 school year must be completed by September 1, 2018 in order to be considered for an award. The only exception to this deadline is if you have not received a decision or settlement notice for the 2017/2018 school year from the DOE by that date.

To apply for financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year, you must complete the online application and submit all required documents directly to SmartAid. DO NOT SEND APPLICATION MATERIALS TO MMFS.

Please read the school’s Financial Aid Policy and SmartAid’s instructions for additional information.



  1. Go to the SmartAid website.
  2. Follow the instructions to create your own online account.
  3. Complete and submit the online qustionnaire.



The following documents must be uploaded or emailed directly to SmartAid in order for your financial aid application to be processed:

  1. 2017 Tax Form 1040 with all filed schedules and attachments. Please see complete list in SmartAid’s instructions.
  2. Returning students: DOE’s signed Stipulation of Settlement and Discontinuance or Findings of Facts and Decision from 2017-18.

MMFS is unable to process an application that is missing any of the above required materials. Please be sure to submit them along with your online application by no later than September 1, 2018.



You will be notified of the decision by the Financial Aid Review Committee as soon as practicable after receipt by SmartAid of all required applicant documents.

If you have questions, contact SmartAid’s email support (, SmartAid’s phone support (800-360-8027) or the MMFS Business Office at 718-855-0141.