Admission tours, which run approximately 90 minutes, present an overview of the program and give you an opportunity to see teachers and students in action in their classrooms and throughout the school building. You will be able to experience our incredible community of talented, smart, fun-loving, and caring students and staff hard at work.

Tours take place in the building that corresponds to the program to which you are applying. For information on travel to each school building, please click on the directions link for the appropriate building at the bottom of this page. The school locations are:

Elementary School (grades k through 5)
20 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Middle School (grades 6 through 8)
133-135 Summit Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Upper School (grades 9 through 12)
23 Sidney Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201

To sign up for a tour, please click the link below that corresponds to the program to which you are applying. Space is limited for each tour date so you must be registered to attend.

Elementary School
Middle School
Upper School

If you have any questions about our program and whether our school could meet the needs of your child, we encourage you to email our Admissions Office at or call 718-625-3939. This will be an opportunity for you to share information about your child and his or her specific learning needs and learn more about our program.