Parents Association

When your child enters Mary McDowell Friends School (MMFS), you become a member of our Parents Association (PA).

The goals of the MMFS PA are to:

• Support the school’s mission by offering enriching educational programs for parents such as prominent guest speakers

• Organize social and community-building events for MMFS families and students, such as class and school-wide Potlucks and the Spring Carnival

• Express faculty appreciation with special occasions and continuing education grants

Our Parents Association is overseen by the PA Council which meets monthly to plan events and support the school. Interested MMFS parents from all three divisions are welcome anytime at PA Council meetings, which are announced in the MMFS online newsletter and website.

The Parents Association sponsors division-wide as well as all-school activities on behalf of all MMFS families. The success of these programs depends on active parent participation. Whether you cover a shift at the Book Fairs, cook a dish for the school-wide Potluck, serve as Buddy Family or Class Parent, lend a hand at the Carnival, your efforts make our school community stronger and happier.

To help support these programs, the PA is allotted a small sum from each student’s tuition to fund its activities. While this amount helps enormously, it is not nearly enough to fund the many sponsored activities. Over the course of the year, you will be asked by the PA to invest time, energy or financial support. All levels of involvement are appreciated.

Within the PA you will find a warm community of parents who share an understanding of the child-rearing challenges and joys faced by families of students with learning disabilities. We sincerely hope each of you will participate in the way that best fits your schedule.

You can find out more about our Parents Association in our brochure.

For more information, please contact the PA at