Elementary School Classrooms Develop Charters

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Ask your child about his or her classroom charter.class charter

We, the faculty of the MMFS elementary school, agree that when we come to school each day we want to feel Prepared, Respected, Supported, Effective, and Inspired. These are the opening words for our 2014-2015 Faculty Charter. After deciding which words to focus on, we had to state clearly what we were all going to do and how we were going to strive to behave in order to feel prepared, respected, supported, effective, and inspired.

This is the same process classroom teachers have gone through with their students to come up with a classroom charter. It is truly inspiring to hear the students talk about how they want to feel, and we are impressed by the seriousness they brought to the process. All the charters are living documents. This means that over the course of the school year they are consistently referred to and can change if the creators of the charter feel it is missing something, or it no longer accurately represents the group of students in the class.

If your child is in the elementary school, ask him or her for the ideas his/her class came up with.

Hannah Wiltshire, Elementary School Director and
Franziska Laskaris, Elementary School Assistant Director

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