MS Healthy Choices

ms-healthy-choicesThe challenges that all middle school students face – physical changes, social challenges, growing independence, and peer pressure – are heightened for students with learning disabilities. Healthy Choices teaches students the skills necessary to make good choices. The program provides a safe environment for students to share and openly discuss ideas, feelings, and concerns. Groups of up to six students learn important information and life skills in the following sequence of six week courses.

  • Organizational Skills
  • Media Literacy and Social Media Safety
  • Understanding Learning Disabilities
  • Good Choices
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene and Etiquette
  • Eighth Grade Survival Class: Life skills
  • Human Sexuality
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Education

Courses are taught by MMFS faculty and staff, a human sexuality educator, and staff from the Freedom From Chemical Dependency.

The human sexuality educator and Freedom Institute staff hold information meetings for parents to provide them with resources for dealing with many of the hard questions and issues their children may face during adolescence.