MS Math

ms-mathOur middle school math curriculum draws on several programs to address the diverse learning needs of our students. Teachers meet students at their level and help them move forward with a curriculum that has been designed and/or modified to meet their specific needs. Math classes meet for forty minutes every day at the same time in small cross-graded groups of two to seven students. Groups may consist of sixth and seventh graders or seventh and eighth graders, but never sixth and eighth graders.

Our students make greater progress when grouped with peers who have similar learning challenges and strengths rather than by grade. The middle school’s highly structured approach offers resources both for students who struggle and for those who excel. For example, if only one student is working at a tenth grade level, he or she will work with a teacher one-on-one.

Students build skills in computation, estimation, measurement, geometry, statistics, probability, and the fundamental concepts of Algebra. They gain confidence in their computation skills and grasp of mathematical concepts as they prepare for high school mathematics. Programs include, but are not limited to, Singapore Math, Stern Math and Houghton Mifflin. Lessons involve the use of manipulatives and cooperative learning to develop students’ critical-thinking abilities and problem-solving skills.