Performing Arts

The performing arts at the middle school are lively. All students participate in theater and music classes. They can also learn different dance styles such as Bollywood, Latin, and Hip Hop in dance club on Friday afternoons. Students are very dedicated and enthusiastic, and they enjoy performing at the holiday and end-of-year shows.


Students are introduced to a wide variety of theater techniques and styles, including pantomime, improvisation, and characterization in small group classes. Theater appreciation is a significant component of the curriculum; classes explore material from classical, musical, and contemporary theater. In addition to fostering students’ talents, theater activities greatly benefit academic learning and social development.

All middle school students can take part in the annual theatrical production. Cast and crew work very hard after school for several months, rehearsing, creating sets, and choreographing lighting and sound. The countless hours of rehearsal and collaboration culminate in remarkable performances before audiences filled with proud faculty and families.


All students attend general music class, where they learn to play one of the following instruments – guitar, keyboard, bass, or drums. They develop their instrumental and vocal skills as a part of six-member bands, and create music in a wide variety of styles. Students learn to work together respectfully and productively as an ensemble. It is our goal that, while growing musically, students will find enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment in music-making.

Extracurricular offerings for advanced students include an eighth grade Jazz Band and a Chamber Chorus, which consists of a group of middle and upper school students who perform at school events and other venues.