Media Literacy

Students in every grade attend a five-session media literacy workshop.

In the sixth grade the focus is on basic computer and web literacy. Students learn about the tools, such as network drives, web browsers, and file management, and how to use them safely and effectively. A discussion of on-line privacy begins and is continued in subsequent years.

The focus in seventh grade is on responsible use of the Internet and social media tools. Students create a “Fakebook” profile on paper to practice making choices about the kind of information they want to share with the school community. They “go public” when they hang these profiles in the school halls.

In eighth grade students continue to learn about internet safety and responsibility, with a review of the many uses of social media. Students look at positive examples of how social media is used to promote service and civic mindedness. They also practice information literacy skills to determine if on-line sources are valid and if they are balanced or biased.