Language Therapy

When students move from the elementary school to the middle school, they face a significant shift both in the language used by teachers and language found in texts. At this level, expressive and receptive language skills play an important role in the academic success of students. Students need to be able to express their point of view, listen to the views of others, and integrate ideas from various sources. Therefore, language therapy at the middle school focuses primarily on strengthening language skills for academic learning. Language skills are addressed while working on curriculum content. The language therapist regularly collaborates with teachers to further support the language needs of all students.

A dedicated block of time is set aside for language therapy for the sixth grade. Sixth grade students who require language therapy participate in groups of three. Students who do not need to work on their language skills during this time, focus on other subjects with an enrichment teacher.

Seventh and eighth grade students who require additional support work with the language therapist during homeroom or study hall sessions.